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Gregg Slapak
545 Pennsylvania Avenue
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It's tough for me to write about myself for fear of gushing about just how much I love selling real estate and helping people through their home buying or selling experience!

My name is Gregg Slapak and I have been working in real estate for the past 10 years in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, namely DuPage and Kane Counties.

My slogan talks about my "Team" (which is 5 of "Me") with a tag line of "I work so hard for you, it may seem like there is more than one of me"

Nothing could be truer!

I love this slogan because I really do put myself out there for my clients. Sometimes, I do actually feel like I can tele-transport myself to different locations in the blink of an eye!

"Beam Me Up, Gregg!"

Just to let you know a little more about me, I was a marketing consultant to large accounting and legal firms in my “past life” (prior to real estate), whose job was to help companies “connect the dots” and implement their long-term goals and strategies. When I decided to go into real estate, I just took that background and channeled it toward individuals and their families, instead of big "faceless" corporations!

What a joy!

To be able to use my skills in helping individuals with their personal long-term goals and strategies, starting right at the root, the foundation of one's security:

Their Home! Their Castle!

Today, I feel very blessed with the incredible people who have trusted me to help them through this process and I have, actually, become close friends with many of them.

Business today is not just about "business" anymore. We all want to work with people that we respect and admire and can even share a laugh with, rather than some stuffy suit that keeps shoving paperwork in your face! Well, you won’t get that from me, that’s for sure! I love to laugh!

My other passions in life (we all need a few of those, right?) include travel, civic organizations and animal rescue. I, myself, have rescued two cats over the course of a few years and now couldn't imagine my life without them. I am active in several Animal Rescue programs in my area and always encourage people to get involved.

I am also a strong independent political activist! I stand by candidates, not political parties, per se. The emotion that I feel toward the future of our local communities and our overall quality of life here in Illinois, runs deep and I have met incredible people throughout this process who are also as committed as I am to the betterment of our personal "corner of the world".

I want to thank you for stopping by my website and especially for taking the time to get to know me better. You have my promise that I will do absolutely everything that I can to make the buying or selling of your home as smooth and carefree as possible.

Contact me anytime, day or night, I very much look forward to shaking your hand and hearing your story!

Take care now,

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